Karya citra Nusantara

Karya Citra Nusantara

Karya Citra Nusantara (KCN) Port is a public port located within the northern boundary of land C-1 Kawasan Berikat Nusantara, Marunda. With a floor line of 1,700 Meters  On the 1st February of 2006. PT. Karya Citra Nusantara was established on a joint venture between PT. Karya Teknik Utama and PT. Area Berikat Nusantara as a commitment in national infrastructure development.

KCN port is a private owned port, a concessionaires that was built without state assistant. KCN consists of Pier 1, Pier 2, and Pier 3. KCN has prepared operation of Pier 1 with a  length of 800 meters from 1.975 Meter and a supporting area of 20 hectare from 42 hectare. KCN is will continue the development of Pier 2 and Pier 3 with port total length of 5.350 Meter and 100 hectare of supporting area that will be finished in the year of 2020.



As the world’s largest archipelago nation, Indonesia has great potential as the world’s maritime leader. This statement represents the potential that can be realized through inter-island connectivity, development in maritime and fishery industries, improvement of maritime transportation and also maritime security.


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