Leading Indonesia's
Maritime Sector

Karya Teknik has been a part of Indonesia’s maritime and agriculture industry for over 30 years. From shipbuilding, shipping, ports, plantation and finance, we have established ourselves as a reliable and trustworthy partner.

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About us

We Build Your Visions

Being recognized as one of Indonesia’s leading shipbuilder today is a humbling title looking back at where we came from. Starting out as a fishing vessel workshop in 1982, Karya Teknik has overcome numerous hurdles to where we are today. We have branched out to ports, logistics, shipping and plantations in the domestic region. We would like to thank all our employees and partners in building this vision of ours.

Karya Teknik

Our Subsidaries

Karya Teknik has rooted itself in the maritime industry. In recent years, we have diversified ourselves into other sectors in the domestic region.

Take a closer look at our 4 main divisions.


Karya Teknik has a long history in Indonesia’s maritime sector. Shipbuilding is one of Karya Teknik’s biggest contributions to our organization.


Karya Teknik owned a number of notable ports nationwide. This conveniently helps us to facilitate our maritime operations as well as ease the loading and offloading process for our clients. 


Karya Teknik Group has entered the plantation for over a decade. We have expanded our operations to several areas in the domestic region. Our workforce pursues innovative and sustainable developments throughout our plantation. We aim to grow our expertise and evolve as efficiently and as safely as possible. 


We focus on financing and crediting various types of specialized vessels such as barges, cranes, tankers, tugboat, and cement vessels. Different types of ships are supported directly by the holding company Karya Teknik Multifinance, which specializes in the logistics shipbuilding industry.